The Colour Song

Etcetera Etcetera & Vallarie Van Gogh
Lexy Potts (Odd & Peculiar)
Amy Mackay
Kieran Strang

This is a photo series stamping out the pigment palette that celebrates the multi dimensional beauty of queer Sydney, Australia. It is the lyrics to our childhood song, where colour is a feeling, a flavour, knowing no bounds and there’s no such thing as a mute button.

Designing for two of the most dynamic, original and wonderous performers I know, Etcetera Etcetera and Vallarie Van Gogh, and captured by my friends photographer Lexy Potts (who’s colourblind!) and videomaker/fellow kiwi Amy Mackay. “Colour Song” was my last project before departing the fair shores of Australia and a satisfying tick off my bucket list.

We wear colour like an armour, a reminder to never lose that playfulness.

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