Golightly & Sunday Best
Photography & Videography
Davide Garieri (The Whale Production)
Kieran Strang

Her feminine divinity draws me like a moth to the light, it has a hold on my soul and I want to laugh and cry at the same time.

I originally started this project as I wanted to create bridal gowns that weren’t the traditional shades of white and ivory. As much as the romantic in me enjoys the elegance of these types of dresses, I’d recently been commissioned to create two very different wedding dresses for two very different brides (see Shae and Jessica) - I was excited to look beyond tradition and explore what challenges these ideals.

When it came to casting models for this shoot, I was honoured to have the support of two friends who are both artists in the Sydney drag scene. Holly Golightly and Sunday Best are young, talented creatives who have been pushing boundaries of gender identity and exploration through their drag.

The collection then evolved into a very personal journey in which I was less concerned with “bridal traditions” and able to focus on creating dresses for Holly and Sunday that represented their feminine beauty I’d fallen in love with.

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